DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers are the first Major League Baseball team to offer fans the technology of 3D printing provided by DOOB to create a truly unique and personalized keepsake from their trip to the ball park.

DOOBs are full color, photo-realistic 3D printed figures of customers and fans. The DOOB-lication process begins by checking in with a DOOB associate who will help you select a figurine size and decide on a pose. Customers then position themselves in the DOOB-licator 3D scanning system, and the high-speed scan is complete in a split-second.

Customers have the opportunity to review and approve their images. The scan is then processed via DOOB’s proprietary 3D software and converted into a high-resolution 3D file, which is printed at DOOB’s 3D printing facility in Brooklyn, NY. In a few short weeks, a customer’s very own DOOB is delivered direct to their door.

DOOB is a leading global provider of 3D products and services. Their 3D technology was originally developed for medical applications 4 years ago in Dusseldorf, Germany. In addition to a growing number of consumer outlets (12 to date across the US, Europe, and Asia,) DOOB’s integrated 3D pipeline has application across a wide range of industries including entertainment, fashion, architecture, and healthcare.

DOOB offers five figurine sizes starting with the four inch “Buddy” for $95. In addition, fans can purchase their digital DOOB, an interactive 3D likeness in a web format shareable on social media, for only $45. Fans visiting Comerica Park can find the DOOB-licator near Gate B. Tigers fans can visit for more information.