Fall 2013Spring 2014Summer 2014
J510 Media and Society Seminar
>Taught by Chris Lamb
> Final paper titled, “It’s Only Weird If It Doesn’t Work: Baseball and Superstition

J540 Business of Sports Media
> Taught by Jim Lefko
> Final paper titled, “‘This is SportsCenter’: ESPN and their Advertising Success

J541 Digital Sports Journalism
> Taught by Malcolm Moran
> Midterm paper titled, “It’s All About the Fan

J660 Sports, Journalism and Society
> Taught by Pam Laucella
> Final paper titled, “Little League World Series: Where Are They Now?”

J547 Sports Broadcast Journalism
> Taught by Larra Overton

J560 Money and Collegiate Sports
> Taught by Malcolm Moran

J560 Sports Writing
> Taught by Ronnie Ramos

J560 Media Coverage of Sports
> Taught by Pamela Laucella

J501 Public Affairs Reporting
> Taught by Pamela Laucella

J560 Sports Journalism Law
> Taught by Norm Wain